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Mr. R. Kesavalu
Mr. R.Ananthan
A diversified business group with over 25 years of experience with interests ranging from Food Processing to distribution of the world renowned WIPARQUET. The promoters of the group are technocrat professionals. The group over the years has acquired extremely valuable experience in manufacturing, marketing, finance and consultancy service.
The promoters are a team of technocrat professionals with great expertise in investments, financial services, property development and other technical and administrative fields. With an experience of over 25 years in the investment and property financing business, the promoters have acquired the skill of tracking profitable estates at the right value. The promoters also have to their asset an influential contact list and vast potentials for real estate investments, which is backed by an impressive fund support.
The group's activities in the Building Construction Industry.
Individual houses/ villas : 5 projects 24,000 sq.ft
Apartments : 3 projects 46,500 sqft
The group’s activities in the Food Processing Industry.
Manufacture of  “TINA” Bread and Bakery Products
Franchisee manufacturers of Spencer’s Bread
Vendors for Food World, Marry Brown and Pizza Hut
Manufacturer and Distributor of “Nutra” Milk and Diary products
The group’s activities in the Building Material Industry
Manufacturer of “Duracrete”, a premium brand outdoor designer tiles marketed throughout India and also exported.
The group has a total of 8 manufacturing units, 4 catering to the Food processing Industry and 4 in the Building Material Industry.
The group’s activities in the Distribution and Marketing
Distribution of Game interlining and other export garment accessories.
Sole marketing agent of top-of –the-line German laminate flooring brand WIPARQUET for the countries of India and Srilanka.
The group’s activities in the Finance and Consultancy services.
17 years professional Experience in Fund management.
25 Years working experience in banking sector.
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